Are art and science two sides of one coin?



For our journey of fusing art and science,
what pieces might we need?

Fusionioneering Chart.jpg

“That’s a lot of pieces. This looks overwhelming!”


WHAT IS A FUSIONEER? It’s someone that has accomplished knowledge and skill in two or more domains, and combines them in a unique and inspired manner.


THIS VIDEO explores and defines the creative techniques I use to create incredible canvases. See how I combine art, science and technology to create unique and powerful works of art.


WHO SAYS YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE? APPLE PIE A'LA MODE Sometimes the most involved and difficult of concepts can best be described in the simplest terms. In one sense, what I do is as easy as pie.

INSPIRED BY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: THE THIRD EPIPHANY Meeting with a group of at-risk teenagers leads me to experience my third epiphany. This one clarifies what A. L. Productions and I are here to do.